80% of business finance applications in the past 18 months were approved

February 2nd 2016
How to get the banks to say yes
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How to get the bank to say "Yes!"

Injecting new life into a business that is ready to grow is an exciting prospect for any entrepreneur...

In this article:

  • Insight into the bank's attitude to lending
  • What banks actually look for in finance applications
  • Who can help you secure your business finance
Rob Perks
You need to put together an innovative and convincing application for a loan. Banks are then much more likely to say yes.
Rob Perks

Time to recruit some more staff perhaps, or move in to some shiny new premises?

Maybe it feels like just the right moment to try a new innovative marketing strategy, or a fresh line of products? The trouble is, all the best plans cost money.

And everyone knows the banks have given up on lending cash to small businesses, right?

Haven’t they all shut their doors and become the banks that like to say ‘No’?

Well the good news for companies is that they are apparently increasingly likely to say ‘Yes’.

Easy money

According to business experts - and official Bank of England statistics - the banks are increasingly likely to provide you with the financial help you need.

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